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In the 1986 film, Mildred is portrayed by Fairuza Balk. In the original 1998 TV series, Mildred was portrayed by Georgina Sherrington. In the 2017 remake, Mildred is portrayed by Bella Ramsey (although in the episode "The Best Teacher", Mildred is portrayed by Rachel Bell when she is temporarily aged into an older woman by what was meant to be a wisdom spell) and by newcomer Lydia Page in Season four, after Ramsey left the series. Both TV adaptations establish that Mildred is the 'worst witch' because she is the first student at Cackle's to originate from a non-magical background; the 1998 version has her receive a scholarship for an imaginative piece of creative writing and the 2017 version has her learn about Cackle's and magic because she helped Maud get to the school on her first day after Maud crashed into her balcony. It is revealed in the season two finale of the 2017 series that actually Mildred's ancestors were magic, but her great-grandmother thirteen generations back sacrificed twelve generations of magic to reignite a founding stone. In Season four, after a sabotage by Ethel, who had substituted an appearance-spell to prevent Mildred from applying for head girl, during her potion experiment, which causes Mildred with a whole new look: a redhead with blue eyes. Mildred tried to complete three impossible challenges and reverse the spell before the sun goes down. Mildred becomes stuck in her new look, when she fails to complete the last impossible challenge. Mildred is becoming powerful, since she and Maud correctly perform the Transference Spell in sync. She later meets her father Spike Jones and her younger half-sister Isabella "Izzy" Jones, after Mildred saves Izzy on her first day of school during a flying accident involving her broom. At the end of Season four, she becomes the new head girl after saving the school from Agatha Cackle and she make peace with Ethel.

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